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Intramural Soccer Rules

Bellmore-North Bellmore P.A.L.

Intramural Soccer Rules Spring 2015



  1. Ball sizes


# 3 – 2007/2008 and novice girls divisions

# 4 – 2005/2006, junior girls, senior girls and senior boys          


  1. Number of players
  2.            Novice girls          7 vs 7           10 min.

2007/2008           7 vs 7          10 min.

2005/2006           9 vs 9          23 min. halfs

Junior Girls         8 vs 8         23 min. halfs

Seniors (girls)     8 vs 8         23 min. halfs

Senior (boys)      11vs11         23 min. halfs


  1. Player Equipment

Player will not be allowed to participate if they are not in proper uniform with full equipment which includes:

  1. PAL shirt (issued)
  2. PAL shorts (issued)
  3. shin guards
  4. cleats

Player will not be permitted on the field with the following:




(4)Start of Play

Games shall begin as scheduled, (NO EXCEPTIONS)




   (5) Off Sides

                           2007/2008 – no hanging

2005/2006– off sides will be called

Novice - no hanging

Junior – off sides will be called

Seniors – off sides will be called


  1. Language and Conduct


Foul language and misconduct by players, coaches and spectators will not be tolerated at any level; penalties and remedy are the discretion of the referee in accordance with accepted soccer laws and PAL Board of Directors.


  1. Free Kicks


Junior and Seniors direct and indirect free kicks as required. All other divisions indirect free kicks.


  1. Penalty Kicks


Only senior division to have penalty kicks when required. All players must clear penalty box except kicker and goalie.



  1. Throw In's

2007/2008 division – 2nd chance

Novice Girls – 2nd chance

2005/2006 – one try

Junior Girls – one try

Senior divisions – one try


  1. All other F.I.F.A. rules apply with respect to such items as a corner kick, goal kicks, cautions, ejections, etc.


  1. Spectators, parents etc. must maintain sportsmanship attitude towards players. They are required to position themselves on the opposite side away from coaches, players and end zones (behind goals). It is the coach’s responsibility to enforce these rules. Coaches will be cautioned for any disregard of this rule.


  1. Coach's Responsibilities


Coach is responsible to provide all players with a happy, safe and enjoyable playing environment. This includes opposing players. Sportsmanship is of the utmost concern of the PAL, with this in mind please exhibit control over all aspects of the game to include but not limited to:

  1. over zealous behavior
  2. uneven competition
  3. Excessive scoring, coach should make every effort to keep lead to a maximum of (4) goals. This can be achieved by moving key strikers to a defensive position or by playing a man down etc.
  4. Coach must exhibit restraint and contain activity to sidelines except in the case of the 2007/2008, and novice girls divisions whereas one coach may enter the field to provide players with instruction and direction. By no means shall the coach be positioned in the penalty area, or any other area that may restrict play.


  1. Injuries

All injuries must be reported to PAL office as soon as possible.


All rosters are final! No changing players!


Good Luck for a Happy and Healthy Soccer Season.