Intramural Soccer

Intramural soccer registration will open 8/3 & close on 9/11. Due to covid-19 concerns and in order to socially distance registration will only take place online. 1st kicks & clinic will start 10/3. First intramural game is 10/4. For those with a credit you still need to register and your credit will be applied.

There will be a uniform purchase & pick up sometime in September. A date will be posted closer to that time.

Coaches guidelines:

Below is a list of state guidelines that PAL will like to make sure that are in place and being followed.

. Please make sure you are wearing your mask.

. Scan all players for temperature. A reading over 99 the child will have to return home. . Ask each player if they are experiencing any signs or symptoms of COV-19. If so, they should be sent home and instructed to contact their health care provider.

. All players should have a mask. ( The mask does not have to be worn while playing )

. Sanitize the players hands prior to coming on the field.

. Every child should have there own soccer ball.

. Remind the kids of social distancing when they are not participating.

. Please remind parents to have a mask and to maintain social distancing.

Thank you.

P.O. Anthony Kiser.

 Nassau County PAL Director.