Intramural Soccer


due to field conditions and the continuing forecast of rain. Practice with trainers at Winthrop and the uniform sale will be cancelled tomorrow. Uniforms can be purchased Sunday starting at 9:30am at the Bellmore Pal office trailer at Boces. The trailer is located on the track field in the southwest corner close to Jerusalem Ave. Uniforms with socks are $45. Cash or check only. The schedule is now posted at

Trainer times at Winthrop

Practice with trainers starts Saturday 9/30 at the following times.

Please bring a ball.

9:00am    clinic/first kicks

10:00am   2018 Division (co-ed)

11:00am   2016/2017 Division (1st & 2nd grade boys)

12:00pm   Novice Girls (1st & 2nd grade girls)

1:00pm    Junior Girls & 2014/2015 Division (3rd & 4th grade boys & girls)

Intramural Soccer week #1 schedule

10/01/23 Week #1 intramural schedule

2018 Division field#1                               Novice Girls field#2

       White/Blue                                                        W/B

11:00   1v2                                                11:00   1V2

12:00   3v4                                                12:00   3v4

  1:00   5v6                                                  1:00    5v6

2014/2015 Division field#3                       Junior Girls field#3

            W/B                                                               W/B

11:00   1v2                                                      1:00   1v2

12:00   3v4

2016/2017 Division field#4                        Senior Girls track field

            W/B                                                                 W/B

11:00   1v2                                                          1:00   1v2

12:00   6v7                                                          2:00   1v3

  1:00   4v9

  2:00   3v10

  2:00   5v8 field #2

The rest of the schedule will be posted at by the weekend!

Fall Intramural Soccer

Teams are currently being formed. Coaches will receive their rosters on Tuesday. You should hear from them shortly after. Practice with trainers at Winthrop starts 9/30. Times will be posted after Tuesday. 1st game is 10/1. Uniforms can be purchased Saturday 9/30 from 9:00-10:30am or Sunday 10/1 starting at 10:00am at the Bellmore Pal office trailer at Boces. Cash or Check only.