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Intramural Soccer

First Kicks & Clinic start 10/1 @ 9:00am at Winthrop School Field. For more info click link below.

Coaches will receive their rosters Wednesday 9/28. You will hear from them shortly after. First practice with trainers starts 10/1 at Winthrop School Field.

Trainer times (Winthrop Ave School field)

(players must bring own ball)

10:00am   2017 Division

11:00am   2015/2016 Division(boys)

12:00pm   Novice Girls(1st & 2nd grade)

1:00pm    Junior Girls(3rd & 4th) & 2013/2014 Division(boys)

Travel Soccer

The Bellmore Rebels Boys Birth Year 2010 will be conducting open tryouts for the 2022-23 season.

Bellmore Rebels are looking for dedicated, hard-working players. We are trained by a professional trainer 2-3 times per week during the fall and spring. Winter training and Winter leagues. Participate in local state tournaments.

Please reach out to Eric at Travelsocceru8@gmail.comif you would like to attend one of our Monday or Thursday training sessions. Please call me @ 917-913-9633

Intramural Soccer

Uniforms can be purchased this Sunday 3/20 from 10:00-11:00am at Bellmore Pal office trailer at Boces. The office is located on the track field close to Jerusalem Ave. The cost is $45 with socks $40 without. Cash or checks only.

1st game starts 3/27. Coaches receive their rosters 3/22. You will hear shortly after.