2022 – A good year for Bellmore PAL Track Team

Bellmore PAL is a registered USATF team during the Summer, Cross Country and Winter seasons.

USATF Long Island recognizes outstanding athletes regardless of age.

In 2022, Bellmore PAL was recognized in the Youth category.

Lucas Lam (13/14 )- Youth Male Track Athlete

Samantha Goldin (8 ) – Youth Female Track Athlete

An alumni of the team, Ryan Clifford, was recognized as the Mountain Ultra Trail (MUT) Athlete of the Year.

Ryan started with Bellmore PAL as an elementary student, ran while in high school, and in college.

Ryan still holds the record for the Indoor and Outdoor 800m in the 11/12 yr age group. Ryan is a lifelong runner specializing in ultra-marathon distances. In 2022 some of the races Ryan ran were 2 – 50 mile races, 2 -100 mile races, 2 – 50k races, 1 – 70k race, 1 – 555m race over 6 days from Buffalo to Brooklyn. Many of Ryan’s runs were also done for charity like the John Thiessen Children’s Foundation.

Non-athletes are also recognized as outstanding. For 2022 Coach Sheryl was awarded Official of the Year.

Lucas Lam, Samantha Goldin, Andrew Collins (from a different team) with Coach Rob Lemke
Ryan in his PAL Spring uniform in 2007
Ryan Clifford – 100 miles – 17hrs 57mins 57secs – Black Hill, S. Dakota
Coach Sheryl & George Erker (Officials’ Chair)