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Ryan Clifford is an ultramarathon runner. A short distance for him is a 31.07 miles also known as a 50K. But he took a shorter 26.2 mile marathon on for just the 2nd time – and won 14 minutes ahead of the 2nd place runner.

Newsday mentioned that Ryan ran distance events for MacArthur High School in Levittown, and Mansfield University.  


2023 Mile Grand Prix Races


Bellmore / Merrick PAL track team has a Grand Prix during the Spring and Summer Seasons. There are 5 mile races in the Grand Prix. The athlete needs to run 3 of the 5 races to be eligible.

Our first race was the Bellmore Striders July 4th race.

Arianna Lettieri was the first female, 12 years and under with a time of 8:09.7

Livia Mikelhashvili was third in the same age group with a time of 8:34.6

Thomas Howe was the 3rd male in the 12 and under age group with a time of 7:04.3

Some of our older athletes ran the 4 mile race.

2022 – A good year for Bellmore PAL Track Team

Bellmore PAL is a registered USATF team during the Summer, Cross Country and Winter seasons.

USATF Long Island recognizes outstanding athletes regardless of age.

In 2022, Bellmore PAL was recognized in the Youth category.

Lucas Lam (13/14 )- Youth Male Track Athlete

Samantha Goldin (8 ) – Youth Female Track Athlete

An alumni of the team, Ryan Clifford, was recognized as the Mountain Ultra Trail (MUT) Athlete of the Year.

Ryan started with Bellmore PAL as an elementary student, ran while in high school, and in college.

Ryan still holds the record for the Indoor and Outdoor 800m in the 11/12 yr age group. Ryan is a lifelong runner specializing in ultra-marathon distances. In 2022 some of the races Ryan ran were 2 – 50 mile races, 2 -100 mile races, 2 – 50k races, 1 – 70k race, 1 – 555m race over 6 days from Buffalo to Brooklyn. Many of Ryan’s runs were also done for charity like the John Thiessen Children’s Foundation.

Non-athletes are also recognized as outstanding. For 2022 Coach Sheryl was awarded Official of the Year.

Lucas Lam, Samantha Goldin, Andrew Collins (from a different team) with Coach Rob Lemke
Ryan in his PAL Spring uniform in 2007
Ryan Clifford – 100 miles – 17hrs 57mins 57secs – Black Hill, S. Dakota
Coach Sheryl & George Erker (Officials’ Chair)

2022 Ducks Mile

Our athletes ran the 2nd mile race of the Bellmore PAL 1-mile Grand Prix. It was the Long Island Road Racing Club Ducks Mile held at Eisenhower Park on Wednesday, August 3rd at 7:00 pm.

The weather was hot, but all the athletes and coaches who participated had fun.

Congratulations to all the runners! Let’s keep running!

The 3rd 1-mile race of the Grand Prix is the Moonlight Mile being held at Newbridge Road Park on Friday, August 12 at 7:00pm.

Click link below for times and a team picture

2022 Bellmore Striders July 4th mile

Once again Bellmore-N.Bellmore/Merrick PAL Track team was well represented at the annual July 4th Youth mile race hosted by the Bellmore Striders.

Athletes under 13 ran 1 mile.

Athletes 13 and over ran 4 miles.

Bellmore athletes did an awesome job! Congratulations guys! As always you did your coaches proud! See link below for pictures…

bellmore pal mile

Coaches Charlie, Rob and a Mepham HS senior, another PAL alumnus giving back to the program as she helps out at practices

It was a hot and humid morning at 9:30 to run a mile race, but our athletes did their best to get to the finish line.

It was a nice friendly atmosphere with athletes, coaches and parents running this race together. No one “letting anyone win”, each runner, parents and coaches included, had to work for their place at the finish.

Lucas 6:18; Casey 7:08; Ryan 7:52; Lilliana 8:06; Nathan 8:10; Collin 8:33; Natalie 9:17; Mia 11:27

The final race of the Bellmore-N.Bellmore/Merrick PAL track team Grand Prix will be on Saturday, Sept 4 in Farmingdale.

Last one guys, make it the best ever!!

Moonlight mile

This is the 3rd mile race of the season for our athletes – 2 more to go! Yay!

The race started in waves from 6:30 in Newbridge Road Park. Two of our athletes were in the 1st wave and did us extremely proud like all of our athletes regardless of their wave. Again many of them improved on their time. At this race we were joined by 2 of our alumni – John Schwab and John Schmuck who were 1st and 2nd overall.

Another enjoyable evening of racing, friendship, camaraderie and after race snacks. It was awesome to hear the older and more experienced runners encouraging these young athletes!

Lucas 5:58; Casey 6:47; Ryan 7:23; Nathan 8:00; Collin 8:13; Layla 9:18; Natalie 9:20

What a great job guys! Showing off the results of your hard work at practice.

Layla, Ryan, Casey, Lucas, Nathan, Collin and Natalie after the Moonlight Mile in Newbridge Road Park

Next race is the Bellmore PAL Mile at Cedar Creek Park in Seaford on Saturday, August 21.

2021 Ducks Mile

Bellmore – N.Bellmore/Merrick PAL athletes with coaches Siu, Sheryl, Sue & Charlie and alumnus John who just finished his senior year in HS

Six of our athletes toed the start line at the Ducks Mile in Eisenhower Park on August 4 at 7:00 pm with parents and siblings watching.

The athletes did an awesome job almost each one improving their time.

And they had a good time doing it!

Lucas 6:07; Casey 6:54; Lilliana 7:24; Ryan 7:32; Nathan 7:47 and

Layla 9:37

Great job athletes!

Next race is the Moonlight Mile at Newbridge Road Park on Friday, August 13

Let’s go guys….you got this!

2021 Massapequa mile

Eight athletes from the Bellmore-N.Bellmore/Merrick Track team competed in the Massapequa Mile on Saturday, August 1st.

It was the 1st mile race in over a year for most of our athletes and the 1st one ever for some.

9/10 Boys & Girls

Nathan – 7:32 Layla – 14:48

11 – 13 Boys & Girls

Lucas – 6:10 Will – 6:57 Cecelia – 7:00

Casey – 7:02 Ryan – 7:35 Lilliana – 7:48

Congratulations on a job well done!

The next mile race for the athletes is the Ducks Mile in Eisenhower Park on Wednesday, August 4th!

Coaches Siu, Sue, Sheryl and Rob with athletes after the race